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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: What is S LIME

S LIME is an e-reader application in the form of magazine and newspaper catalogs that allow you to freely select, download, and read on digital devices. Users of selected Samsung Smartphone and Tablet devices can enjoy free subscription and access promotions.

Q: Where can I download S LIME

S LIME is available at Google Play. Just search using “S LIME” as the keyword and click download. You can find the download link at http://s-lime.com/ .

Q: What are Samsung tablets that currently support S LIME

S LIME supports Samsung OS Android with various screen resolutions (600x1024, 800x1280, 1280x800, 2560x1600) and S LIME will work on other android variants depending on its screen resolution & GPS compatibility. We highly recommend using devices with over 5” screen size. Selected Samsung devices will automatically enjoy free content and benefit with applicable terms & conditions.

Q: Is the S LIME application available in iOS

No, S LIME is only available on Android OS.

Q: What are the available free subscription and access promotions

List of devices that receive free subscription and access can be seen at promo page

Q: Since when does the free subscription and promo apply to the user

It will start counting since the first download.

Q: Is it possible to move the promotion to another device or a different user

Promotions can only be enjoyed on the promotion device and only by user that does the first activation.

Q: How big is content size in average

Average size of the content is between 10-40 MB.

Application Feature

Q: What are the available features on S LIME

Currently S LIME can support the following features:

  • Profile Users able to login with Google account and complete profile data, such as: Name, DOB, Interest and Email. These data will be used by Samsung to improve its application service.
  • Kiosk Kiosk will display all content available, and users can filter content based on preference (e.g., All, Magazine, Newspaper).
  • My Library A collection of magazine and newspaper which have been downloaded
  • Download You can download the desired magazine or newspaper. S LIME can still be used during the downloading process. You can also check the download process and stop it.
  • Reading
    • Bookmark You can give a bookmark on the magazine or newspaper you like.
    • Day / Night reading mode You can adjust the display mode while reading for certain content.
    • Jump Page You can directly select the page you want to read, without having to start from the first page.
  • Search You can find the magazines or newspapers by title or publisher.
  • Setting User able to set download option to only download using Wifi network.

Q: Do I need a Samsung Account to login into S LIME

No, currently you can only login to S LIME using Google+ account.

Q: I cannot login with my Google+ Account into S LIME. What’s wrong

Please make sure your Google+ account is registered to your phone. Make sure that your internet connection is working during the login process.

Q: Is it possible if the tablet used by more than one username

You can login using another account. HOWEVER, promotions and downloaded magazines will not carry over to another account.

Q: How can I see the menu and feature list in S LIME

You can click the menu icon on the top left and find: your profile, kiosk, my library, and settings.

Q: How to download a magazine or newspaper

Make sure your internet connection is working and click the download button on the desired content.

Q: When download is in progress, suddenly the internet connection stopped. Do I need to download from beginning

Yes, you need to download from beginning

Q: Can I download more than 1 content at the same time

Yes you can.

Q: How do I remove the content that has been downloaded

Content can be removed by pressing the content that you want to delete (+/- 2 seconds), then give a check to the content that you want to delete, and press the delete icon.

Q: If I logout from S LIME, whether the content on my library list remain


Q: Loading time in S LIME is very slow! How can I speed up the loading time

Please make sure you connect to a 3G network and have good reception. This application requires a decent network to be able to download contents.

Q: If i change my device, does the content will carry over

No, downloaded contents will not carry over

Q: Can I download same content

Yes, you can download same content, if your content is deleted

Q: How do I know when my subscription is expiring

You will recieve a notification which informs that your subscription will be expired soon.

Q: How do I know if there any new content

You can find it on homescreen/kiosk menu and tapping Latest.

Q: I have a difficulty when login using my Google+ account, it keeps signing process, what should I do

Please check the device date and time make sure the setting is GMT+7 (Bangkok Timezone). Date and time setting can be found in setting menu.